Cibidoil™ becomes member of the CTA

The news is in! As of Monday 23rd July 2018, Cibidoil™ is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association UK (CTA UK).

Cibidoil Becomes Member Of The CTA UK

The CTA UK is the UK’s only trade association that works with all sectors of the hemp and cannabis industry. The aim of the CTA UK is to promote good practice within the industry and provide practical advice to businesses operating within the sector, from manufacturers to re-sellers.

The end goal of the CTA UK is to ensure consumers of legal cannabis and hemp products have access to accurate information about the products available on the market and about the companies selling them.

Glen, founder of Cibidoil™, hailed the membership as a major milestone for the company:

“The acceptance of Cibidoil™ among recognised industry professionals highlights our dedication to our founding values: quality, clarity, integrity and trust.

It is a testimony to our good standing and illustrates our commitment to complying with all EU and UK laws, policies and regulations, alongside the rules and regulations of the CTA UK.

CTA UK Rules

I will now look forward to strengthening our collaboration with the CTA over the coming months, with an eye on the upcoming Cannabis Products Directive and its implementation.”

The Cannabis Products Directive (CPD) is a new legal and regulatory framework on which the CTA has been extensively working, alongside government bodies such as the FSA and MHRA.

The CPD will be rolled out across the industry from the beginning of October 2018 and will establish among other things a “seed to seal” traceability system, mandatory product testing by vetted laboratories as well as a raft of other obligations for manufacturers and re-sellers to comply with, in order to ensure safety for the end consumer.

Now the only way is up!

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